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Aurora In Alaska's Northern Lights Photography Adventure for Media Creators and Travel Agents!


Get ready to add a splash of dazzle to your lens and a dash of adventure to your travel plans! Aurora In Alaska proudly presents its showstopper - the Media and Travel Agent Program. This is your golden ticket to capturing the dance of the Northern Lights like a pro and curating unforgettable Alaskan expeditions, all with a fabulous 70% off discount. Hold onto your hats, because we're about to take innovation, creativity, and travel to a whole new level.

Lights, Cameras, Innovation!

In a world where pixels meet pizzazz, Aurora In Alaska is your front-row seat to all things innovative. Calling all media maestros, content conjurers, and visual virtuosos – our Media and Travel Agent Program is your chance to turn the extraordinary into the extraordinary. Think of it as your backstage pass to snapping shots of the Northern Lights that'll make even the constellations envious!

Alaskan Escapades with a Twist:

Attention travel trailblazers and jet-set dreamweavers – our program is your passport to uncharted Alaskan territory. Imagine crafting tailored experiences that leave clients in awe and wanderlust-struck. With insider insights gained from your unforgettable expedition, you'll be the travel virtuoso weaving narratives of adventure like no other.

Collaboration: The Name of the Game!

Here at Aurora In Alaska, we're all about co-creating the extraordinary. If you've got a spark of an idea on how we can ignite the photography scene, weave travel tales, or concoct unique escapades, we're all ears! Let's cook up a storm together – whether it's hosting stellar workshops, curating out-of-this-world photography showcases, or dreaming up bespoke travel packages.


Hold onto your cameras and pack your wanderlust, because Aurora In Alaska's Media and Travel Agent Program is here to elevate your creativity and redefine your travel game. It's more than a discount; it's your backstage pass to Northern Lights spectacle and Alaskan escapades that'll have you saying "WOW" with every shot.


To submit your collaboration proposal, simply email us at and let the magic begin!

Let's light up the sky, frame the magic, and craft stories that'll leave the world starstruck.

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