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Incredible Aurora in Alaska Adventure Tour Itinerary

Here at AURORA IN ALASKA we pride ourselves in using first hand accounts of cloud coverage as well as top of the line forecasting systems to ensure that you have the best possible chances in the interior for Aurora viewing. Because of this we do not have a set location. Please be prepared for your tour by using the restroom before we leave and expect at least an hour long drive to ensure we are out of the city light pollution for the best viewing experience.

Most evenings we go to only one or two locations, but in the chance that our first choices are not clear skies please be advised that we may pack up and move to a better area.

At the best location of the evening our guides will set up a warm fire, refreshments table and chairs for your comfort. Reindeer sausage, nightly vegan specials, hot cocoa and other refreshments to warm your belly will be available.

The photographer will set up their cameras and prepare for photos under the magical dancing lights. It does take time to set up, but our photographers are experts and happy to help you adjust your own cameras to the correct setting if you choose to take your own photos as well. We do advise that you have a tripod for the long exposures needed.

We do want to remind you that the camera lens is able to pick up more than the human eye and we do use the camera to see where the auroras are appearing. If you think you are seeing the auroras and are not sure please ask a guide and we will happily assist you.

As the night goes on our guides are happy to answer questions, tell stories of the interior and take your photos under the night sky. Be creative with your photos, we love to see what you guys come up with.

If at anytime you find yourself cold and needing to warm up, we do keep the vans running for your comfort. Please keep your shoes and socks unless you are adding toe warmers (which you can ask your guides for) to ensure that our vans stay clean and tidy.

Although we do try to go to location with some kind of restroom facility, sometimes that is not the best location for your adventure. Please let your guide know if you have any restroom needs and we are happy to find a proper solution for you.

When it is time to prepare to head back into Fairbanks, your guides and photographers will begin to pack up all the equipment from the evening. Although we do not need your help cleaning up, we do ask that you keep our Alaskan habits clean, by throwing your trash in the proper container.

On our journey back to your location, feel free to ask questions, share your experience and get to know the others on your tour. Here in the Golden Heart of Alaska we pride ourselves on our warm nature and community bonds and hope that you get a chance to enjoy that Alaskan Spirit while with us.

Your time with us may end at drop off, but we will be preparing your photos over the next few days. Once your photo link is live and ready to view our team will both email and text you with all the information about your photos as well as a link to leave us a review. We appreciate your time and your patience while you waiting for your photos and know that our team is dedicated to get these to you within 7 days of your tour.

If you have any comments or questions please reach out to our team any time by emailing us or call/text 907-750-5550

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