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Tips on getting your photos under the Auroras

Here at Aurora in Alaska our primary goal is to take our guests to the best location for the Auroras. This doesn’t mean this is all we do. Our crew loves to help capture the moment you experience. Today, we want to take a moment to ensure our guests understand how to take the prefect photos with our incredible Aurora in Alaska night sky.

Tip 1: Stay still! In rare cases guests faces appear blurry, this occurrence is typically a result of individuals moving (even the smallest amount) during the long exposure shots. Our aim is to deliver the highest quality Aurora photos, which necessitate long exposure times. Nevertheless, any motion during these shots can inadvertently lead to the blurriness that you have observed. To minimize such issues, we employ tripods to stabilize the camera and kindly request guests to remain still during the photo sessions.

Tip 2: Get lots of photos. We love to take your photos and are happy to take multiple photos. This not only gives you a chance to share your experience with others, but ensures that we have multiple chances for that prefect photo. Don’t be shy, come up to our photographer for 3-5 photos at a time and come back again to ensure you have your time in the spotlight. That aurora dances and coming back allows us to ensure you have a variety of photos to remember the moment.

Tip 3: Multiple photographers ensure multiple perspectives. Just like any other art, our photographers have their own style and personalities in taking photos of you and the auroras. On nights that we have multiple vans, we bring multiple photographers. Our advice to you is to get photos taken with each. This not only ensure you have multiple photos to choose from, but gives you different Alaskan scenery and styles of your photo.

Tip 4: Remember that the photographer can see more auroras through the lens they we can with our naked eyes. They are there to guide you to stand in the prefect spot. But please be aware of your surroundings, the snow can be icy and it can be easy to miss things in the dark.

Tip 5: Don’t be a camera hog. Please keep in mind there are others waiting. We love to snap those photos, but do need to ensure every guest has the chance to get their photos in. This is why we recommend coming back after your first photos to ensure you get those fun poses and variety photos in.

It is ultimately the guests' responsibility to approach the photographers for additional photos. Our primary commitment is to provide guests with the experience of witnessing the auroras as promised, and all unedited photos are complimentary with edited photos available for purchase when the link is sent out within 7 days of the tour.

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