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How to prepare for an Aurora in Alaska Adventure

Updated: Apr 5, 2023


Book the soonest available night. Let us know if you have multiple nights that you are available for an Aurora in Alaska tour. If we see a day is standing out as great forecast or terrible forecast we will contact you via email & text. Your goal is to see the Auroras and we want to make that happen.


Here you can find information such as the low temperature for the evening and the aurora forecast. If you have any questions, concerns, changes to be made to your pick up location or a new friend that wants to join this when to let us know. We are happy to help as much as we can and do our best, but please contact ASAP with any changes. Please ensure that you read your day of text to get all the information needed about your Aurora in Alaska tour.


Reading our text and email will tell you how cold it is. Due to the northrn position of Fairbanks, Alaska we do most of our tours in the winter months. This means snow and cold weather. Taking the time to dress appropriately will ensure you can stand and watch the Auroras for as long as you want.

We do not want our guests cold or uncomfortable, so we build a fire on cold nights whenever possible and our vans are always running during our tours. We do have limited blankets for our guests as well. Remember that viewing the Auroras is an outdoor event and being properly clothed for our weather will ensure you get the best view. If you find yourself unsure as to where to find proper clothing or have questions please reach out before your tour. To assist you we have put together a quick guide and suggest the following for each temperature range:

  • 60-40 degrees Fahrenheit-

This is consider sweater and jacket weather, but we do suggest a good base layer. Our tours are at night and it is much easier to take a layer off than to warm up if you do get cold. Wool socks and hiking shoes are good if there is no snow or slush (melting snow).

  • 40-20 degrees Fahrenheit-

Remember again these may feel like okay weather in the sun, but at night this is cold. One base layer, your regular clothes and a sweater under your snow gear is very helpful at this temperature. For your boots go up half a size to allow wool socks and toe warmers if needed.

  • 20-0 degrees Fahrenheit-

Wool long-john or base layer is recommended. Regular clothes, sweater, then snow gear on top. Ski masks or scarves are helpful with keeping noses and cheeks warm. You may want to have a knitted glove on and then your snow mittens over the top. Again leaving space for hand warmers is very helpful, this also gives you space to add a layer under gloves and in boots. For boots, snow boots rated for -5 or colder is helpful. Going half a size up allows thicker socks and toe warmers.

  • 0- NEGATIVE 20 degrees Fahrenheit-

Following the guide above, you may want to add another layer such as silks or synthetics. Wool again is great, but if you are not used to these temperatures it is best to add a layer. Purchasing something such as wool insoles for your boots is helpful at this temperature as the cold your feet feel typically comes from the bottom of your boot. We suggest finding boots that are rated for at least -30. The cold weather ratings found on clothes are not saying they will keep you warm at those temperatures, but that you will not get frostbite at that rated temperature. Keep this in mind when making your purchases. When in doubt, grab another layer.

  • NEGATIVE 20 - NEGATIVE 40 degrees Fahrenheit-

We do our tours until -40, this means you may see these temperatures. Our vans will of course be running no matter the temperature, but you should be extra prepared for these chilly nights. Please read all of the above and add another layer. If you feel at all cold, find ways to warm up such as walking around the fire, sitting in the van or let your guide know so we can ensure your comfort & safety. We do live in an artic climate and do see these cold temperatures and want you prepared. We have no control over the temperature, but can control how we prepare ourselves.


Pick up runs 9pm-10pm. We understand this is a large window, but our tour does stay open for guests to book until 6pm the night of the tour. As soon as we have our routes and vans ready the guides will send you a text message with your ETA. They will send a second text 10 minutes before arriving to your location. Finally, they will send an arrival text when they are at your pick-up location.

Please ensure that you use these text messages to be ready to go. This includes gathering any cameras or extra refreshments you are bringing (backpacks are preferred & ensure you are less likely to leave something behind), getting your proper weather attire on and using the restroom. If something comes up or you need more time, please let us know so we can adjust our routes to accommodate.


We do our best to go to locations that have restroom options, but our goal is to view the Auroras. This means we may go somewhere with no restroom or a cold outhouse. Yes, we understand this is not ideal, but Alaska is still mostly wild and doesn't accomodate for our tolietry needs. If you have any restroom needs that need addressed please let your guide know.

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