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Share Your Unique Talents Under the Northern Lights: Become a Star Around Our Campfire!

Are you an individual with an exceptional skill or talent that deserves the spotlight? At Aurora In Alaska, we believe in making every moment around the campfire an unforgettable experience. We're thrilled to introduce our Special Guest Talent Program, an opportunity to showcase your unique abilities and make our Northern Lights tours even more enchanting.

What We're Searching For:

Do you possess a remarkable talent that can shine during our Aurora tours? We're seeking talents that align harmoniously with the spirit of our journeys and can be showcased around the campfire. Here are a few examples of the types of talents we're interested in:

  1. Juggling Fire and Sparkle: If you can master the art of juggling fire, or if you have other mesmerizing fire-related skills, we invite you to light up the night with your performance.

  2. Enchanting Musical Performances: Are you a skilled musician or vocalist? Share the gift of music with our guests by performing soulful songs or enchanting melodies that resonate with the beauty of the Northern Lights.

Why Join Our Special Guest Talent Program?

  • Be Part of the Experience: Elevate the ambiance of our tours by sharing your exceptional talents with fellow adventurers. Contribute to unforgettable memories around the campfire.

  • Free Tour Experience: Approved talents will enjoy a complimentary Aurora tour, allowing you to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights firsthand.

  • Connect with the Community: Immerse yourself in a community of passionate individuals who share your love for creativity, nature, and the arts.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Ensure your talent aligns with the spirit of our tours and can be performed around the campfire.

  2. Send us a brief description of your talent, along with any relevant experience or background information.

  3. Include a video or photo showcasing your talent (if available).

  4. Submissions can be sent to

Our Commitment:

Aurora In Alaska is committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all our guests. Each submission is reviewed carefully to ensure alignment with our vision and values. Our goal is to cultivate a memorable and captivating experience for everyone around the campfire.

Step into the limelight and make our Aurora tours truly extraordinary with your exceptional talent! Let's come together to create magical moments beneath the Northern Lights.

Note: Please be aware that all submissions will be reviewed, and only successful applicants will be contacted for further details.

For inquiries and submissions, please email:

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