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Recommended Tour Operators In Fairbanks, Alaska

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

Everyone asks the guides "What else do you do when you're not doing Northern Lights Tours" so here is a list of how we share our passion for the outdoors and sharing Alaska with you our guests. All recommendations listed here our guides are actively involved with and happy to provide you more information on while out on our tour.

You might know Kevin if you have been out with Aurora In Alaska. Not only is he an excellent photographer and Guide his passion is dog sledding. If you talk to Kevin for more than five minutes, you'll be talking about dog sledding and Alaska. When he's not out Aurora viewing, he's guiding dog sled tours. If you're looking for a great experience, definitely check out the website website above for dog sled experience

Canoeing & Kayaking is a must! Coming back in the Summer?

Tony, an excellent photographer/guide with Aurora In Alaska in the winter shares his passion for the outdoors with guests all summer guiding canoe & Kayak tours. He doesn't only guide Aurora tours. He also rents canoes and kayaks out on lakes in the area. Plan your summer trip with Tony while out on a tour with Aurora In Alaska.

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